Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spontaneous Order

In this clip from one of John Stossel's 20/20 specials, he touches on the union between the spontaneous order constantly on display in the natural world, and the bottom up order of human action and decision making.

I think a timely example of this is when the wave happens at a giant sporting event: 30,000 unrelated strangers act in near perfect unison to send a wave of flailing arms curling around the stadium.  This occurs out of the blue, started by just a few people.

The town I live in has countless four way intersections with stop signs on all four corners.  Even with heavy traffic, cars tend to breeze through, acting in their own self interest when they let the person who arrived a split second before them go.  Though the temptation is to speed on as fast as possible, most motorists will do everything they can to avoid a costly and dangerous accident, and waiting that extra second will often make this possible for them.  

Also, there is a really sweet rope swing at 3:03 in the video.

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