Wednesday, March 17, 2010


April 15th draws near.  Everyone knows that this is the day that the Income Tax is due.  But contrary to popular belief, this is not the only tax day that Americans are subject to.

When taxes are levied on businesses, the costs are inevitably passed along to consumers - that's us!  Like it or not, we all fit into the category of consumers. (That is, unless you are living in a hut you built from the trees you cut with the ax you forged; but you wouldn't be reading this because you wouldn't have the Internet or a computer.) If I were to purchase a new tee shirt, a percentage of the cost would go toward paying a tax.  Yes, a small percentage in this one instance, but I don't only buy one tee shirt.  I also buy milk, socks, brakes for my car, paint, fishing poles, etc, etc. We are all paying taxes on all of these things.  It adds up.  More of the money I make, taken.

Now enter the most insidious and sneaky off all taxes: the inflation tax.  Say you have 10,000 dollars in a savings account, in cash.  Every time the Federal Reserve prints more money to pay off debts, to "stimulate" the economy, or to pay for the endless wars America is engaged in, that ten thousand dollars becomes worth a little less.  And a lot of money is printed.  When the supply of money increases, your savings looses value.  This is inflation.  It is an artificial function of an economy brought on by the dubious practice of creating money out of thin air by printing it. The economy is based on this fiat currency.  And right now the printing presses are working hard!  If our economy was tied to a hard currency (gold, silver), inflation would not be the issue that plagues our economy today.  I will spend more time on this topic in a future post.

About now you are saying, "Of course the right wing monster hates taxes!  He wants to see old people pushed to the streets and roads torn up!"   I ask-where are my hard earned dollars actually going?  Do you you know what a "strong national defense" costs?  Medicare fraud is a full time job for countless thieves.  Is the "War on Drugs" funding itself?  NASA!  An incredibly inefficient space boondoggle if ever there was one.  The fact that one cent that belongs to you pays for the illegal murder of some foreign person should outrage you like it does me.

So, even if you choose to be "scofflaw" and not pay the unconstitutional income tax, you are being taxed all the time nonetheless.  What are you going to do about it?

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