Thursday, April 1, 2010

Russian Bombing

On Monday two young Chechen women detonated bombs they were wearing in a crowded subway station in Moscow.  They were evidently militant separatist's from the state of Chechnya, in the North Caucus's.  Russia's prime minister Putin has vowed that "the terrorists will be destroyed".

In 1999 Vladamir Putin Led a war against these same Chechen separatists in Chechnya in an attempt to overthrow the government which was being ruled by these "rebels".  It would seem that some people from Chechnya are still angry. 

I think this a perfect example of the failures of an aggressive foreign policy. (I know Chechnya is technically in Russia, but they have been fighting for just independence for a long time.)  As I mentioned in one off my post's here, blowback is the unintended consequences of a governments foreign policy, usually borne out in the form of terrorism against the said governments citizens.  And all we hear from the Russian leaders is, "We will hunt them down and kill them!"  Good luck!  Terrorism is extremely difficult to stop when terrorists belief enough in their cause to kill themselves along with innocent people.  You succeed in one thing: the creation of more terrorists.  

Please don't misread what I am saying here!  I am in no way saying that this horrific act against innocent civilians was in anyway justified, I am simply trying to point out the failures of an American style offensive military involvement abroad.  These people are religious nuts jobs and are evil.  But going into Chechnya and killing more innocent people in retaliation is going to do nothing but cause more of these terrorist type attacks.

I wish America's Commander in Chief and his horrible Secretary of State, Hillary Hawk, could learn a lesson from this wretched tragedy in Moscow.

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