Sunday, May 16, 2010

Audit the Fed Bill Gutted!

A little over a week ago a version of Ron Paul and Allen Grayson's bill to Audit the Federal Reserve was passed through congress by Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT.  Unfortunately the bill that passed has been heavily watered down from the one that Rep. Paul has worked relentlessly to get passed.

According to Ron Paul, he is very disappointed in Sanders quickly folding under to political pressure.  Sanders and Paul, who are sort of on the opposite ends of the spectrum philosophically, had agreed on this bill and worked together to get the original one passed.  Now, this lame version of the original may only cause more harm than good because it offers a one time Audit of the fed and only regarding the bailout money.  It says nothing of the Fed's dubious secret dealings with foreign banks and governments.  Now people can say, "The Fed has been audited, we found nothing, happy now?"

Again, this goes to show that there is no one in politics who holds a candle to Ron Paul in their ability to resist political pressure.  I have, from time to time, thrown a bone to the once seemingly principled Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders, even though they are socialist geeks, but now after Kucinich folded on health care and Sanders on the Fed bill, I realize there is only one Ron Paul.

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