Monday, January 31, 2011

Evolution of Fairness

Micheal Shermer is the editor in chief of Skeptic magazine and  the author of the 2007 book Mind of the Market. He is pro-market and an atheist, and he is very close to the ideal spokesman for Austrian economics. (Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to quite get the anti-war thing, but perfect is the enemy of the good, no?)

In this video he explains the concept of the evolution of fairness.  Shermer draws his economic conclusions from his study of evolution and natural order; I really like the chimp examples he uses, as these so closely relate to human behavior.

I find that a number of the best Austrian school economists are overly-religious and are into pseudo-science and quack medicine (homeopathy, anti-vaccination, conspiracy theories, and so on). Conversely, I find that most scientists tend to be in favor of legislative solutions to problems that concern onlytheir own areas of study.  I like Shermer because he is a charismatic spokesperson for rational, pro-market types who happen to not believe in a boogieman in the sky who's gonna get us if we're bad.

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