Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Breakfast With Ron Paul

On the morning of April 26, several newspapermen and economists gathered in New York City to hear Ron Paul talk about his upcoming presidential bid, and I was fortunate to be in attendance. The event, an editorial breakfast hosted by the New York Sun, was held only hours before Paul headed to Des Moines, Iowa to officially announce the formation of his presidential exploratory committee. (This step is a prerequisite of participation in Fox's May 5th presidential debate.)

The congressman fielded a variety of questions regarding the upcoming campaign and specific policy issues, but a large part of the discussion revolved around monetary policy - on a day when the dollar's value fell below one 1,500th an ounce of gold. It was suggested that as more and more people become aware of the dubious nature of the Federal Reserve, a push to abolish America's central banking system could prove quite useful in a race against President Obama.

At one point, the conversation turned to China, and I loved what Dr. Paul had to say about the pervasive anti-Chinese sentiments being thrown around in the media and by elected officials. From the New York Sun article written about this meeting
He suggested voters will not finding him focusing his attach on the Chinese Communists, who have been widely criticized for keeping their currency in what critics deem to be an artificially weak state so as to protect their export industries. “Don't you think it’s demagogic to accuse the Chinese of manipulating their currency when we've  been manipulating our currency forever,” Dr. Paul said.

After the breakfast, I spent a couple hours with the congressman and his campaign manager, Jesse Benton - also the senior vice president of the Campaign for Liberty. At the dinner I attended with the congressman a year and half ago, I felt lucky to be sitting at the same table with him.  Now, here I was, walking around midtown Manhattan, candidly chatting! My goodness. I followed the pair to Fox studios and sat on the set of Freedomwatch during Judge Andrew Napalitano's interview with Dr. Paul.  After the interview, I spent ten minutes explaining the process of making maple syrup to Ron Paul. I then wished Paul and Benton well on their trip to Iowa and gave each a little mason jar of my own homemade syrup. I wonder if the syrup made it through airport security.
Photo by David

As someone stated directly to Ron Paul near the conclusion of the breakfast Tuesday morning, "Your time is now, Mr. Paul. Good luck."  Here we go.  Never before has the political climate been so ready and primed for a principled libertarian-leaning candidate like Ron Paul.  Four years ago, when we started hanging signs on highway overpasses and taking over televised presidential debates, few people had even heard of Texas Congresmen Ron Paul.  one of our slogans was, "WHO IS RON PAUL? RONPAUL2008.COM."  We don't have to do that anymore.  The day after the breakfast with Dr. Paul, I was eating a bagel in Brooklyn,  flipping through the New York Times in hopes of finding a tiny blurb about the congressman's announcement in Iowa the previous day.  I was pleasantly surprised to find nearly half a page devoted to the event. And it was primarily positive. What a change.

Lets take advantage of this momentum and raise some money!  Vote with your dollars: click here to donate on May 5, the day of the first presidential debate (and check out for info on the moneybomb).  Send a message to the establishment: End the wars now! End the FED! Donate any amount of money (no more than $2,400). Let's tell Ron Paul he can win!

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