Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ignore Ron Paul!!!

To mark the opening of his New Hampshire campaign headquarters, Ron Paul paid a visit to the Granite State this evening.  Though this event was posted only 48 hours ago, hundreds of supporters showed up to the office park where the HQ is located.  Expecting a much smaller crowd, the organizers were scrambaling to meet the BBQ caterers needs as well as parking for the throngs of supporters pouring in.  As one employee of the NH campaign told me when I asked him about the large and vociferous turnout, "This is a good problem.  I'm glad there are so many more than we expected."

This last weekend, Ron Paul was voted into a statistical tie with Michelle Bachman in the Iowa Straw poll, and basically ignored by the media.  As he said at the beginning of his speech this evening in Concord, "Right before we were supposed to go on or the evening before that (one of the network shows) called and said you've been canceled!"

I think that this is the spark that grassroots needs at this point in the campaign.  Until now, Dr. Paul, has been treated with the respect he deserves by the cable news shows, and that is not what his base is used to.  In '07 '08 he was treated like a leper on a merry go-round in the media, and as a result, his base support became rabid in their quest to get the name RON PAUL out there.  Now that he is back to being ignored for a huge victory in Iowa, the fire has been lit in the belly of grassroots supporters.  The turnout tonight shows that the base in New Hampshire is ready to knock on doors make phone calls.  There are an army of supporters ready to put in the time and effort to make this campaign a success.  So keep ignoring Ron Paul.  It only helps.  

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