Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Iran Storms British Embassy

Iranian student protesters have stormed the British embassy in Tehran in response to sanctions placed on their country by the British and American governments.  The purpose of the sanctions is allegadly to dissuade the Iranian government from pursuing the creation of a nuclear weapons program.  The sanctions are the first step in the seemingly unavoidable new war with Iran that President Obama is determined to start with the weak, impoverished Middle East nation.

President Obama scolded the Iranian government in response, saying that "they have a responsibility to protect diplomatic outposts," and "we expect to seem some sort of definitive action quickly, on the Iranian governments part."

What a joke!  Protesters are reacting to sanctions that will specifically affect them negatively against a foreign governments unwanted occupation of their sovereign nation.  This is a text book step by step process of war drumming by Britian and America and is unbelievably transparent as such.

It is so very hypocritical for two nations who have a combined stockpile of doomsday weapons large enough to kill all humans on earth three times, to scold and condemn another sovereign nations attempts at defending themselves.  I don't believe that Iran has benevolent intentions in their nuclear program, but in comparison to Americas checkered history of foreign invasions and occupations, it is laughable.

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