Friday, December 9, 2011

Tax Money at Work in Iran

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Iran's revolutionary guard has posted video of two of their officials inspecting a U.S. Sentinel drone which was captured after being taken from the sky by the Iranian military.  Of course, the U.S. government claims that it is a result of a mechanical or satellite failure, and not Iran's government.  The drone was on a mission to gather data regarding Irans growing nuclear program and to drum up some evidence for the justification of the seemingly imminent war with the poverty stricken third world nation.  The cost of this particular unmanned aircraft is unknown, but I can promise that it wasn't cheap.  State of the art spy technology is now in the hands of an "enemy" who is allies with both Russia and China.  Both of these governments have deep pockets and certainly wouldn't mind possessing some of this technology.  It wouldn't surprise me to see a Russian drone cruising around over the States before to long.

This infuriating waste of cash-strapped American tax-payer dollars is a perfect example of why a Ron Paul presidency is crucial at this point.  Obama's foreign policy is proving more insidiously hawkish than even the Cheny/Bush/Vader administration, with some new attack on a sovereign nation happening daily.  Like how we just paid to kill 24 Pakistani troops.  This simply is not good for business.

Keep it up Mr. President.  We have loads of money to spend on these military expenditures, and we don't mind at all making more and more enemies around the world with each passing hour.  Just go ahead and use the impending terror threats as excuses to take away even more of our dwindling freedoms as Americans.  Perfect.

RON PAUL 2012!!!  Leave Iran alone!  

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