Thursday, August 30, 2012

As Goes Maine, So Goes the Country

Well, this is more like it.  After Ron Paul supporters won the Maine State Republican convention by thoroughly planning and preparing and following Roberts Rules of order strictly, we walked away with some well earned confidence and a major win for the Ron Paul campaign.  We had never won anything, or been allowed to win anything.

The national Republican Party however, would have none of it.  At their expensive little party down in Tampa the Maine delegation was not allowed to take their rightfully won seats.  This group that we sent is made up of poor fisherman, farmers, single mothers, etc. who paid a lot of money to travel to FL and participate in the convention.   The classic example of the rich, connected bully changing the rules at the last second to exclude an opinion they don't like.  The Republican party is that rich bully.  In the following clip, there are many examples of the microphone being cute just before Ron Pauls name is mentioned.   Its cartoonish really.  They were willing to lie and cheat to prevent him from having his rightfully won 15 minute speaking slot.

I wonder had RP run as a democrat, would he have been treated the same way at their convention? (barring of course the fact that theirs is an incumbent.)

Reader Tim writes   "You must be very pleased with how everything unfolded down there. I can't say that I'm surprised that the rules were changed at the last minute--the interesting thing for me is to see what happens next. Where do you see Paul supporters going at this point? I don't see anything on the Republican ticket that would appeal to them. This Ryan guy is a complete fraud--he's no fiscal conservative, though he and others try to make him out to be one. And, he's certainly no libertarian, though he and others try to pain him that way. That's at least how I see it."

I suppose some will begrudgingly fall in behind Gary Johnson (who's not that bad), while others will write in Ron Paul if he doesn't go third party.  Hopefully they just don't vote.  Or write in Frank Zappa.  

You are spot on about this
worthless hack

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